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Heil Eris / Enjoy

Heil Eris / Enjoy
Heil Eris / EnjoyHeil Eris / EnjoyHeil Eris / Enjoy








1x Vinyl LP Compilation Remastered Stereo



Release date

Jul 13, 2020

Heil Eris / Enjoy - Overflow on Raakvlak.

‘’Ruff drum computer- and bubbling ambient excursions from Bonn, Germany, making their first appearance on vinyl for the new decennium’’.

Newly established label Raakvlak plucks a lush synth gem from the depths of 80’s D.I.Y.- cassette culture for their inaugural release. Heil Eris / Enjoy sees the first-time reissue of the work of German synth-wizards Overflow. The group, conceived as the session band of cult tape label Brainstorm-Studio, merely released two cassettes within the timespan of one year, of which Raakvlak now has culled some of the finest moments.

Out of a matrix of drum computers, synths, voices, tape FX and a flute come these five live-takes (no overdubbing used!), dedicated to the trio’s mascot Apumé, which was present at all sessions.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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RKVLK001 - NL - 2020








Take The Chance



Pressure Wave



Lass Loss


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