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Shape Shifter 2 EP

Shape Shifter 2 EP








1x Vinyl 12" EP



Release date

Nov 8, 2021



Versalife with the second installment of his Shape Shifter series on the Delsin electronic series. Fresh harbour city electro jams.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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DSR-E12 - NE - 2021





Cone Of Silence



Hybrid Form





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It’s been twenty years since West London techno producer and Continual Records co-founder Tommy Gillard released his last solo record. He’s now back with a bang - and a pretty scary one at that.After spending large parts of the last decade in the studio with fellow UK techno veteran Oliver Ho (better known nowadays as Broken English Club) releasing work as Zov Zov on Ho’s Death & Leisure and the ever reliable Berceuse Heroique, Gillard now joins Interstellar Funk’s Artificial Dance roster as Curved Needle.Opening with the ominous and icey cold title track, Gillard makes it clear straight away he’s not here to make any new friends - he’s out for blood with six bone-rattling slo-mo post-electronic body music exercitions of the bleakest kind. Did anyone say ‘horrorwave’?An aggressive half-speed drum & bass-hoover (think Ed Rush & Optical anno 1997 sawn in half) underlays the dystopic yet blatantly brilliant electro nightmare that is ‘Change-Power’, before things get even more sinister on ‘Sworn in Blood’ and ‘The Blind Leading the Blind’.This may be a tad too slow and low to serve as your average dancefloor fodder, but it’s perfect torture room material. Now excuse me while I go mop up some blood. (RO)
Beautiful soundscapes and deep techno previously only released on cassette, 'Outlines (Repurposed) 2013-2019' is a compendium of Anthony Linell's sketches and supports from a seven-year period. Capturing an incongruous assignment together, these liminal works frame moments of transport between process and material that are otherwise private and archived.
It's been 1 year since our last appearance, but we are back with a new series of releases, presented in 2 parts, that aims to take you straight to another dimension, where both your sensations and emotions will connect throughout the music.
Alle is also known by Central, El Trick and many other monikers you have inevitably come across. A figure head of the Denmark scene branching out from the Help/Regelbau labels, Natal Zaks ability to go wherever his mind needs to musically is ever more present with each release.This is his second full length offering as Alle, Natal's dreamy Pop side full of innocence and creativity. Don't miss out on this.
DE282 - US - 2020Brooklyn-based queer nightlife luminary Jasmine Infiniti self-released her debut album, BXTCH SLÄP, in March 2020. Dark Entries steps forward to present the album remastered and on double vinyl. Over the thirteen disruptive club cuts of BXTCH SLÄP, Jasmine conjures occult rave incantations with sub-tectonic bass and seductive harmonies. Audaciously championing R&B, vogue, and hip-hop sounds, Jasmine Infiniti’s latest collection of techno-hybrid dance tunes is built for the dancefloors of underground nightlife.
Triangulating a slinky signal to a square mile off the Swan River, Glowing Pin bring us ‘Pentagon Palette’, a master blast of frequency adjusted house, swamp stomp and chakra charmers from Australian newcomer Jonus Eric.

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