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Levon Vincent
ETA Infinity

ETA Infinity




1x Vinyl 12" EP



Release date

May 1, 2022



Limelight-era NYC street techno beats.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: NM or M-


*Taxes included, shipping price excluded

NS37 - US - 2022


ETA Infinity (Warm Mix)



ETA Infinity (Frenzy Mix)


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Just a continuation of things that have been done before and that will be done in the future. The plan is that there is no plan and the story goes on! 18 tracks about distinct moods, patterns and the pure joy of creation itself.
The journey continues and this time with a double vinyl pack from the UK resident Jake Flory with 6 hypnotic tracks plus a powerful remix from Cristi Cons. Played by Raresh. Limited Copies. Vinyl Only. 180gr.
Electrodefender is back with a bang, serving up his signature West Coast influenced electro. These are for the floor! Limited to 100 black vinyl copies & 50 red vinyl.
You can’t keep a good thing down: 99 marks the triumphant and long overdue return of Matthew Edwards’ Rekid project. More than just Radio Slave records slowed down, his alter ego preferably ploughs the field between ambient excursions, downtempo hypnotism, sample sculptures and the general space in between raves.Since its first appearance with the Lost Star EP for Classic in 2004 and the still breathtaking follow up Made In Menorca opus on Soul Jazz Records, Edwards firmly established himself as a producer of many, if not all trades. Thought of, produced and conceived during the first lockdown of 2020, 99 is conceptual (with the tempo firmly set at that tempo), concise (34 minutes and 34 seconds long) and content with exploring the possibilities of limitation (one track a day, live takes, no editing).Without departing the original Rekid ethos of glacial music, it presents a modernized and contemporary version of IDM tropes, chill out topics and a capturing sound of mesmerizing materiality.
The second edition of Freakadelle’s ‘44’ series. ’44-2‘ is inspired by the collective’s annual Space Night event – an open-air event happening in front of the club, which aims to push genre boundaries and question the notion of what is nowadays considered the soundtrack of club culture.Freakadelle residents and associated artists present themselves across nine diverse tracks ranging from free-floating and experimental electronics to more concrete experiments in leftfield club music. 
Mastering by Mattias Fridell, A3 mastered by DJ BuzzArtwork by rochus.designPrint by Unschuldig Verdorben

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