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Artificial Dark Network
Stoner Classix Selected

Stoner Classix Selected




1x Vinyl 12" Mini-Album



Release date

Jul 29, 2022

Hot on the heels of 001, Tonal Oceans proudly presents 6 carefully selected tracks from Nicole Skeltys' rather extensive catalog.

Compiling tracks from her Artificial alias, TNL-OCS002 consists of material which draws from her self-released 12"s, a long lost 7" lathe cut, as well as some CD-only material.

Being active since the 90's, Nicole has paved her way through many genres and moods, which together represent all things "Antipodean Electronica" excellently.
Also features a track from close friends Dark Network.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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TNL-OCS002 - NE - 2022


Artificial - Coolness Around Fountains



Artificial - Bibliotheque Nadir Aux Pommes



Artificial - Fallin’ Ditch



Artificial - OK Equipment



Dark Network - Carpet Tirade



Artificial - Middle Class Morality


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Original stock copies direct from the man...Slept on heavy head nod tracks, get them while we got 'em.

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