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Dark Farfisa

Dark Farfisa






1x Vinyl 12" EP



Release date

Aug 30, 2022

‘Dark Farfisa’ is the debut EP by Bruxula, the studio project of Toronto’s Cosmic JD and Jerusa Leao. Firmly rooted in the city’s music scene, JD runs the Hypnotic Mindscapes parties and label whilst Jerusa works as a singer and multi-instrumentalist exploring traditional and fusion sounds centered around a Brazilian music repertoire. Introduced to us by our mutual friend Raf Reza, the pair began to jam together in the summer of 2020 with JD curious to incorporate Jerusa’s vocals into his often club-focused electronic productions. The results sit somewhere between the dancefloor and the living room, a psychedelic range of rhythm, melody and vocal harmonies that felt like an immediate fit for us.

First sharing an early mix of ‘Pala Mo’, the rest of the EP began to form quickly based on further recording sessions and we at 12th Isle are ecstatic to share their work with the world.

Available in 11 days

Sep 16, 2022

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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ISLE014 - UK - 2022


Pala Mo






The Bird On The Hill



Dark Farfisa



JD's Outerlude


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