Cousin Brown
Sex's Machine

Sex's Machine


JP 0013


1x Vinyl 7"



Release date

Jan 1, 1988


Media: NM or M-i
Sleeve: NM or M-


*Taxes included, shipping price excluded

TAL33001 - FR - 1884


Sex's Machine (Version Française)



Sex's Machine (Instrumental)


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Montréal singer/songwriter Laroie with an EP of low key radio hits produced by Gene Tellem with Gabriel Rei and Robert Robert.‘Seductive sadness. Powerful vulnerability. Precise yet irresistible vocals. A few words to describe Laroie as she steps forward in full possession of her means, following up on her debut and namesake EP released in August 2020, and on the recent singles "Can't Let Go" and "One More". Here she is with Speed of Life, an extended play destined to be absorbed and listened to in one sitting. Funny how it sounds both familiar — you feel like you’ve known these songs your whole life — and brand new, all at once. In this nostalgic and emotional territory, standing at the borders of her influences, Laroie's talent shines through.Skilfully navigating the electro-pop sonic palette, the artist crafts a comfortable, soothing canvas where dance, soul, and R&B from the late 90s and early 2000 also hop into the mix. From the bewitching slow garage "Elevate" to the cathartic and luminous "Can't Let Go", and through the trip-hop infused "One More", the very danceable "A Place on Earth", "Moonlight", reminiscent of the best of TLC, Brandy and Monica, and the title track’s addictive vocal melody, Speed of Life, just like a silky everyday soundtrack, is enjoyable on repeat.’Limited to 150 copies and includes DL codes for the album & remixes.
NBN Records is very proud to introduce to you, Teddy Bryant, singer, composer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist from Conway, South Carolina.Despite being his first solo album, Teddy Bryant is no rookie in the music industry, as he's been playing local shows with his Contemporary Jazz band called Urbyne since 1998 and releasing a Neo-Soul album in 2012 under the moniker of Moonlight Ora. Being the son of a Jazz player and after learning the piano at an early age, he soon realized he had unique musical skills : a boiling talent for composing melodies and harmonies and an unparallaled voice that could remind of none other than the legendary Marvin Gaye. Teddy does his own thing though, and he approached the label with the album already finished from top to bottom, including the artwork, made from an old analog poto of Teddy's mother.On « In The Beginning » Teddy invites you to a trip around his world, at a cross between Contemporary Soul, Street Soul and R&B. « A dreamy concept of sonic realness is an ode to everlasting love and pays tribute to Sade, Marvin Gaye, Prince and Quincy Jones » as he describes it. Showcasing out-of-this-world vocal abilities and composition skills, Teddy sounds just as good as the all-time greats he got his inspiration from.
The Mighty Soulmates is a towering early 90s project from the legitimate super group of André Cymone (bass player with Prince), St. Paul Peterson (keyboard player in The Time and lead singer in Prince’s group The Family), Mic Murphy (of Sass and The System fame) and Gardner Cole (writer, producer and musician probably best known for his work with Madonna). The sound is a majestic blend of sophisticated funk, emotional R&B, New Jack Swing flava and slick deep soul. These should-be legendary sessions have been almost a secret since they were recorded back in 1993. The first Be With knew about the project was whilst working with Mic on some Sass re-issues and he told us he had something else we might be interested in hearing. Mic explained, “In the summer of 1993, Gardner Cole asked if I’d be interested in coming out to work with him, André, and St. Paul. So we all headed out to what can best be described as a fantasy music summer camp at Gardner’s house in Woodland Hills, California. We had all worked together in the past in some form or another so everyone was energized and enthused and excited to see what we could create together. St Paul and Andre had already begun some songwriting at Gardner’s well equipped home garage studio. The songs and ideas progressed quickly and some additional recording was completed at André Cymone’s studio in downtown LA. We ended up working on the project for about 6 months, off and on, until Gardner’s house fell victim to the Northridge Earthquake in January 1994.
Could We Be More by Kokoroko
Lead by 17 year old Carlton “Dirk” Poward, San Francisco’s Monsta was one of many ephemeral late seventies funk and disco bands that haunt the dreams of record diggers worldwide. This is the only song Monsta ever released - on a 100 copies one sided test press - in 1979. But what a song. Produced by the late Bill Withers, Give Me Something Good Is an epic disco funk monster that has never been reissued to this day! This Past Due Records reissue comes with a full sleeve and the story of Carlton “Dirk” Poward, Monsta and how the mighty Bill Withers got involved in the production of this magnificent slice of boogie.

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