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A Totally New Sound

A Totally New Sound






1x Vinyl LP Compilation



Release date

May 1, 2018

Media: NM or M-i
Sleeve: NM or M-


*Taxes included, shipping price excluded

SC#02 - US - 2018


Latonya - Dance Time



The Aset Players - Skip



Latonya - Eyes Of A Child



Latonya - We Will Teach The Adults



Whax - Can I Take You Home? (Long Version)



Treo - Demands Decrease Desire



Treo - Second Is Too Close



Treo - When Your Love Has Gone


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Cosmic Tones · V/A - MONTREAL PLEIADES [CT002]CT002 is a Various Artists EP showcasing the work of six talented producers from the Canadian underground.URA-DUST - DreamCT002 opens with this downtempo collaboration by URA from Vancouver and Dust-e-1 from Montreal. Hazy and ethereal, the tune is driven by a broken beat, ecstatic melodies, angelic choir stabs, and lush pads. There are elegant cosmic vibes on this dreamy cut, somewhere between IDM, celestial dub and forward-thinking Balearic.M Salaciak - Degra’s VisionThe cosmic voyage carries on with this catchy and starry-eyed tune by M Salaciak of Montreal. Here, the interplay between 303 and 808 creates a vibe both heavenly and sensual, full of understated lysergic euphoria and with the compelling syncopation of a bona fide electro beat, reminiscent of Mid West electro’s trippier excursions.Priori - GlideWith a shuffling 909, a 808 cowbell, miscellaneous percussion, oceanic sounds, deep pads, brilliant use of space and gliding melodies, this cut by Montreal-based artist Priori is a nod to the golden age of IDM and those compilations on Warp. But there’s a twist that comes through the track’s warmth and its broken beat: this isn’t techno, nor is it purely electro, but something wonderfully unique.Bunzinelli - HyperloopA bouncy beat sets things in motion on this mid-tempo tune from London-born and Montreal-based artist Bunzinelli. Analog synths, airy pads, hard-hitting drums and what can only be described as a space didgeridoo coalesce gloriously. It’s an ecstatic tune with both aural fractals for your mind and your feet.Dust-e-1 - Live By The LeafBehind this name is a Montreal fixture behind the Little Tape project (a mix series, a web radio show and occasional events). With a focus on generous breakbeats and innocent melodies, there is an undeniable sun-drenched atmosphere, perhaps of a Balearic persuasion, on this tune. In any case, it’s the sort of track that instantly puts a smile on any dancefloor.R Weng - Sound Of The BreezeClosing the EP is this plodding downtempo tune that sounds like a lost bedroom recording from the UK’s ambient house era, where a synthetic rhythm section and precious melodies are blended with dreamy guitar licks. The result is a soothing tune that gently caresses its listener like a summer’s breeze.
Tarantismo : Odyssey of an Italian ritual” is a tribute to Pizzica, an antique music used to heal people suffering from a mysterious disease. This release represents a contemporary attempt to reflect on this extraordinary phenomenon involving frenetic rhythms and maniac dancing, through a trans-disciplinary and ambitious artistic approach.This double LP features five original recordings from the early discoveries of the genre and six unique reworks by Bjorn Torske & Trym Søvdsnes, LNS, Uffe, Don’t DJ, Bottin and KMRU. Associated to it is a bilingual (Italian/English) hardcover book featuring nine original contributions by contributors such as Chiara Samugheo, Edoardo Winspeare, Luigi Chiriatti, Don Antonio Santoro, Claudia Atimonelli or Pamela Diamante.Tarantismo: Odyssey of an Italian Ritual includes: A 2x140gr LP Compilation featuring six original recordings and six exlusive reworks.
Micron Audio opens its doors to an external artist for the first time, welcoming in Ctrls with a crucial new EP entitled Your Data. Across four tracks, the Danish producer unravels a dark and funky electro core, taking inspiration from the rapidly intertwining codependence between technology and society. As digital twins, metaverses or humanoid robots lodge themselves deeper into our surroundings, Ctrls unpicks the deepening complexity brought on by our pervasive digital lives. Encouraged by Micron Audio boss Stingray to delve into the darker productions as a means of exploring a contemporary electro sound, Ctrls fixes a hypnotic heft with fresh industrial sound design, never resting as he navigates contorting track structures and twisting tones. The digital hum rages, as brain neurons fire from information overload, with a tsunami feeling and emotions in tow. Remarkable is the combination of pounding rhythm, hauled in by a magnetic motion, with tones of digital disintegration, all flux and shift. This electro sound is a far cry from a clone of the genre's forebearers - no retro-specificity. Instead, Ctrls delivers a timely dose of accelerated culture - The Future is Now.
Traditions 18 featuring Neu Verboten , the Swiss artist delivers 5 ravey electro cuts to smash any dance floor.
Deep left coast vibe! Only 100x copies.COME4WD by Journeymann Trax