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Invisible Roots




1x Vinyl LP Reissue



Release date

Mar 6, 2021



Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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SIR020LP - OZ - 2021


Time Is Of The Essence



Edible Wallpaper



My Dog's Tail Is Longer Than Yours



Destroy The Nihilist Picnic



Ron Martin Special With Mustard



Eric's Madness



Jazz Windows Waltz



Spain Is For Old Ladies



The Sound Of Next Year's Echo


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Bow to the People by Theatre West
MARIONETTE15 - UK - 2021Rainbow de Nuit by David Fenech & KlimpereiMaestro melodist Christophe Petchanatz (aka Klimperei) and all around music fanatic David Fenech engage remotely in a repetitive exchange of recordings and overdubs on their debut album titled ‘Rainbow de Nuit’, sporadically spanning over the last decade. Evocations of experimental and improvised jazz, chansonesque songs, bluesy folk, and outsider music undulate harmoniously across the record. From music boxes and walkie-talkies down to plastic straws, plucking various stringed instruments such as the charrango and banjo, kazoos and snake-charmer ocarina and flutes, all the way through the sweet accordion and melodica, found and traditional tuned percussion - there is far from a shortage of sound sources on this freakishly inviting record. What germinates as an imaginative and emotional chord progression played by Klimperei, evolves with Fenech layering additional recordings, which would then find their way back home to Klimperei yet again, and so on, and so forth. This recursive compositional and improvisational loop, combined with Fenech’s musique-concrete-like mixing and editing techniques, transforms the acoustic recordings by way of compression, saturation, and reverberation or simple pitch changes - resulting in the duo’s recordings seemingly sound like they may very well be an octet in real time. While the majority of the recordings have been ping-ponged remotely, David and Christophe unite under one roof to record the closing track of the album.The pieces presented on ‘Rainbow de Nuit’ treat the ears to a carousel ride waltzing through a multiverse made up of surrealist puppet theaters, dramatic film noir act changes, and a mosaic of polyphonic instruments and toys alike. In other words, a score to a fable brought to life with haunting yet charming melodies and occasional hallucinatory voices reminiscent of laughter and infantile epiphanies which we hear on Tarzan en Tasmanie and Madrigal for Lola. This is taken a step further by Fenech, to a brief libretto of incomprehensible tongues on Pocarina. Amid the mysterious and dark (Septième Ciel and Rugit Le Coeur) also lies tender and simple compositions (Rainbow de Nuit and Chevalier Gambette), murky suspenseful melancholy (Levy Attend and Eno Ennio), and casually slipping into pensive psychedelic backdrops (Un Cercueil à Deux Places) - forming a colorful blend of sounds. A world of echoes. A tale of tales. One persistent earworm that you’ll likely be whistling and humming along to on a first listen.
The Italian percussionist-producer-composer Tommaso Cappellato will release his seventh album as a bandleader, “Pioneered”, which was recorded during the artist’s month-long residency at the venerable Brooklyn contemporary arts space Pioneer Works, in 2018. Pioneered features contributions from a multicultural and sonically diverse cast of electronic, jazz, and experimental players whose own work and ideas about music communities naturally inform Cappellato’s. The impressive list of contributors to “Pioneered” includes Shahzad Ismaily, jaimie branch, Val Jeanty, Afrikan Sciences, Michael Blake, Yusuke Yamamoto, Donato Dozzy, and others. Pioneered also marks the rst release on Cappellato’s Domanda Music label, devoted to a global-minded eclecticism, rhythm, improvisation and joy.“Domanda” is the Italian word for “question” and the label’s mission is to inspire people to ask deeper questions. A Los Angeles-based imprint that has been in the works for several years, Domanda Music is a partnership with Mother Tongue, an independent label, distributor and pressing plant based in Verona, Italy. It is also a familial collaboration of sorts: the art of Domanda’s early releases will feature the work of the late graphic designer and illustrator Giorgio Pasini, father of Andrea Pasini, the actual vinyl presser at Mother Tongue. The idea is to bring attention to specic visual aesthetics inspired by the Kinetic Art movement of the early 1960s, and whose creative epicentre was in Cappellato’s hometown of Padova. Pioneered is the rst release on Domanda Music. Upcoming releases on the label will include an array of styles and sounds from Cappellato’s mentors, peers and colleagues across multiple continents.
The first album released by the most sought-after label, bar none, among jazz collectors! And since keyboardist Gene Russell was at the artistic helm of Black Jazz, it was only natural that the label’s debut record featured Russell himself, with the fitting title New Direction. Oft-bootlegged, with original copies commanding princely sums, New Direction, while a fairly straight-ahead piano trio outing, sets the tone for the entire label with its modal and soul jazz flourishes, and features such sidemen as double bassist Henry “The Skipper” Franklin and drummer Steve Clover. Real Gone's reissue includes the distinctive original Black Jazz album art along with new liner notes by Pat Thomas, the author of Listen Whitey! The Sounds of Black Power 1965-1975. Remastered by Mike Milchner at Sonic Vision...a lost jazz classic sounding better than ever!
Hiking The Trails Of Mount Muzak by Comité Hypnotisé

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